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      First-In-The-Industry Fluorescent Pink Ink Delivers Color That Pops Like Never Before!

      With the introduction of the GP Series, Canon gives you the opportunity to sell first-in the-industry color capabilities that have never before been available in an aqueous, large-format printing system.

      Canon has achieved this remarkable milestone by integrating imagePROGRAF’s proven printing technologies with a breakthrough ink formulation that, for the first time ever, includes a Fluorescent Pink Ink channel. “Radiant Infusion” layers the newly developed Fluorescent Pink Ink with other inks on the paper surface during printing to enable bright and soft color reproduction. But Canon didn’t stop there! It took the imagePROGRAF core technologies and configured those capabilities to create the 10-color PLUS Fluorescent Pink Ink GP-4000/GP-2000 models, the 5-color PLUS Fluorescent Pink Ink GP-300/GP-200 models and 7-color GP-4600S/GP6600S models. This family of large-format printing systems is designed to meet customers’ needs for high-impact, standout, and eye-popping color that corporate, retail, entertainment, and on-site poster printing demands.

      91 products

      91 products